The Penrose Corporation

At Penrose, we use open source information and advanced social media analysis to deliver comprehensive situational awareness, brand management, and decision support products.

The Penrose Corporation is a Virginia, Private Security Services company. Founded in 2013 by former members of the U.S. Special Operations and Intelligence Communities, we provide discreet, customer specific, open source intelligence products. Our clients range from individuals and their families to large corporations, and our product packages range from simple background checks to global due diligence assessments.

Private Investigation

We provide several pre-packaged investigative products at a fixed fee. If you don't see the package you're looking for, please contact us and we'll work to find a solution that addresses your needs. 

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Open Source Intelligence

Competitive intelligence | Corporate due diligence | Corruption and fraud indicators | Area familiarization assessments | Situational awareness assessments | Security and risk inquiry 

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Social Media Monitoring

Social network mapping and analysis | Internet profiles | Persistent monitoring | Brand management | Campus safety | Corporate security | Insider threat | Targeting | Situational awareness | Pre-deployment site surveys

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Private Client Risk Management

Security and lifestyle review | Privacy and asset protection | Cyber security and online persona management | Reputation management

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